In today’s hybrid workplace, collaboration is key at all levels of government. Use the resources in this Center of Excellence to secure your agency’s data, enhance productivity no matter where collaborators reside, and assist with your agency’s digital transformation.

What is Good Collaboration?

Good collaboration is secure and instantaneous; it is configurable by device and role allowing real-time interaction among global teams. It is scalable, accountable, analytical, creative and adaptive. It begins with the best practices below that are tailored to the needs of government agencies.

Benefits of a Good Collaboration Solution

Optimized Workflow

Sending multiple emails and attachments can complicate your agency’s workflow. With cloud collaboration, you can easily access files in a secure central location.

File Sharing

Most email servers can’t handle documents bigger than a few megabytes. With cloud-based collaboration, agencies can share large files in an instant.

Cost Alignment

Keep cost and capacity aligned with your needs instead of overspending on excess licenses and infrastructure.

Quicker Time-to-Benefit

It can take weeks before traditional collaboration tools are properly installed. Cloud-based solutions can be ready in hours and let decision-makers test their value before initiating a rollout.

Use Cases

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Mass Notification Vehicles

The ROI of Mass Notification

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